Thank you for viewing our new A.C. Milan dedicated blog. This first post will be used to thank everyone who has followed us and those who continue to share this experience with us as we grow. We also want to explain why we decided to make the changes to our account.

On behalf of the AC Milan Bros (@ACMilanBros) my brother and I would like to thank the 3000+ followers who have continued to support us and appreciate what we do as an account. This account started back in November 2012 and to be honest, we had low expectations as to how many people we would reach. Almost three years later, we have discussed the Rossoneri and various football-related topics with so many great people, some we even got a chance to meet in person which is truly special. We have interacted with supporters across the globe, from Indonesia to the United States which is pretty remarkable. Through the life of this account, we have grown to know followers on a personal level and share stories about our beloved club. Many people tend to give social media and technology as a whole a bad rap, however being able to discuss football with so many nice people and enjoy in the good times (and bad) certainly has been a treat.

We have decided to restart the blog we had created a few years ago but because we have expanded so much since then, my brother and I feel it’s the right time to let our followers be more involved in our name. This blog will be managed by us, however we are now opening it up to those who enjoy writing about football but don’t know how to get their words across in just a 140 character tweet. In addition, we are in the process of creating a Facebook page that we can share more Milan-related content with our supporters. Currently, we have a Twitter and Instagram account but we want to be able to have a wider outreach and interact with everyone on the three major social media platforms. We will keep everyone updated on when these new additions will be launched via Twitter.

Thank you all again for reading this and helping us get to where we are today as an account. We look forward to sharing more good times with you all even if you aren’t a fan of Milan. Grazie.

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Am also happy to be part of this wonderful family. All we need is authentic news. May we all reap the fruits of your labour. Forza Milan


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